Easdale Island Community Hall

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"The Hall itself is magical. From the first sighting of its pyramid roof and arced frontispiece across the water to stepping off its stage at the end of the concert, it cast a spell on us. A very special place to play." - Mike Scott, The Waterboys

Easdale Island Community Hall opened in May 2003, after a successful application to the Community Fund and was the first project undertaken by Eilean Eisdeal, the Easdale Island Community Development Group. It has been host to many different events and in addition to being a community and arts centre, the hall is available to hire for functions, conferences, seminars and workshops.

what's on

  • Mon 28 Mar 2016 Yugen Puppet Co: The Fisherman and The Seal
    Easter Monday
    Based on the myths and legends of the Scottish Selkie, Yugen Puppet Co tells the comic tale of a lonely fiherman, falling in love with a seal and how in matters of love, things don't always go according to plan. Yugen Puppet Company puts its own twist on this, usually tragic, Scottish fairy tale.
  • Sat 02 Apr 2016 Netting
    Set in the north of Scotland, 'Netting' is a story of finding closure after unimaginable loss.

    Keep busy, eh? Hope we'll get a body, mebbe. The widden spoon. A knock on the door wi a wooden spoon.


Archive of previous events in Easdale Island Hall

This archive contains a listing of events that have taken place in Easdale Island Hall since 2003. Some listings have subsequently been enhanced with photographs taken at the event and some by reviews.


If you have any photographs or reviews of events in Easdale Island Hall and would like to add them to this event archive, please contact arts.admin@easdale.org.


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