Easdale Island Community Hall

Best Village Hall 2008 - ForArgyll Awards

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Best Village Hall 2008 - ForArgyll Awards

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"The Hall itself is magical. From the first sighting of its pyramid roof and arced frontispiece across the water to stepping off its stage at the end of the concert, it cast a spell on us. A very special place to play."     Mike Scott, The Waterboys

Welcome to the newly renovated Easdale Island Community Hall on Easdale Island. The Hall has been open since the end of May 2003, after a successful application to the Community Fund and was the first project undertaken by Eilean Eisdeal, the Easdale Island Community Development Group. It has already been host to many different events and in addition to being a community and arts centre, the hall is available to hire for functions, conferences, seminars and workshops.

It was built in 1871 as a drill hall for the island's volunteer force with a 7 metre high central column supporting a pyramidal roof. The column is formed from a ships mast, generally agreed to be from the 630 ton sailing ship Norval which was carrying wood from Montreal to Glasgow and sank nearby in 1870. The massive rafters are supported by eight heavy struts which radiate from the central column like the spokes of an umbrella. The instant impression of this intricate timberwork is one of eternal harmony with the island and its history and the hall is now a spectacular mix of the traditional and the modern.

The opening of the hall could not have been achieved without the ideas, enthusiasm and hard work of the community, who put their time and labour into making the new building the special place that it has now become.

We hope you enjoy your visit to the hall whatever the reason and Eilean Eisdeal greatly appreciates the on-going efforts of the volunteers who run the hall, the performers who visit and the much-cherished audiences!

For more information on the renovation project, please go to the main Eilean Eisdeal web site.